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Ok sooo.. looks like life definitely caught up with me, as I haven’t blogged in a while, my apologies! Nevertheless, 2016 has been nothing short of AMAZING thus far… so let me bring you all up to speed!


In December, I competed in my very last pageant, Miss California USA 2016. Although it was my last year competing, I finished out with a bang, and I’m excited about what’s to come. I made the Top 20 (out of 150 beautiful women) and I couldn’t be more proud 🙂



IMG_1411 (1)

**Quick clip of me competing in the Evening Gown segment.. Press Play!

So as you can imagine, after the pageant was over I had to ask myself, “Ok sooo… now what?” I had taken about 8 months away from acting, just so I could invest my full attention into Miss California USA, so after the pageant was over, I felt like I almost had to start over from scratch. Eight months is a long time to not work on your instrument as an Actor. I felt disconnected, and confused because I really had no idea how to get back into the swing of things. I mean let’s be honest here, I was very proud of my performance at Miss California, but of course I was also disappointed, emotionally drained, and stuck.

To make matters worse, I went home to North Carolina to celebrate Christmas with my family, and as soon as I got back to LA, I lost my job. It was almost as if my life was crumbling right before my eyes. I just remember feeling so low and lost at that point, so much that I was almost ready to pack my bags and go back home to NC.

**Let’s pause here for a moment.

Can we just be transparent with each other? How many of you have ever felt that way before? When you’ve invested SO much into your career, your dreams, and goals… yet you feel like you always come up short. No matter how hard you work, sometimes it’s just not ENOUGH.

Let me just encourage whoever is reading this right now… YOU ARE ENOUGH! You have everything you need right inside of you. You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made. God’s word says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I KNEW You, I set you APART.” -Jeremiah 1:5 That right there is everything you need to know that You’ve got what it takes, and you ARE worthy of God’s goodness in your life. So stop defeating yourself and walk in who God says you are!

Let’s Continue… 

Well that night, after finding out that I lost my job (not that I really wanted that job anyway.. I mean c’mon I’m an Actress lol) but it was my only source of income at the time, and I had become totally dependent upon it. So as I cried myself to sleep that night, I mean I cried out to God, literally. “God I NEED You to do something. I’ve done all I can, and now I need You to do what You do. I need You.”

The next morning I woke up by my phone ringing, literally had not even gotten out of the bed yet. When I answered, it was my Agency calling and they said, “Hi Brittney! Sorry to wake you, but we have this amazing opportunity for you to work with Magic Johnson, but he wants to meet with you tomorrow and we know it’s your birthday!” I sat up straight in my bed and said, “Are you kidding me! I don’t care what day it is, if Magic Johnson wants to meet with ME, set it up!” LOL But maaaan! Was that quick or what?! Less than 24 hours of me surrendering everything to God, I got the call of a lifetime!

So fast forward, and I’m gonna have to cut out so many significant details to try to shorten this story… Otherwise you all would be reading all day! lol

So I met with Magic Johnson and his team manager… Awesome meeting! Got called that night (of my bday) to come back for a second meeting the next day.

This is where it gets interesting, when I left that morning to head to meet with Magic Johnson a second time, I knew that the job was mine… but then I heard the Spirit tell me, “Stand firm in what You believe. This job is YOURS, but only if you believe it, no matter what He tells you, IT IS YOURS.”

Well, to my surprise, Magic Johnson wanted to meet with me simply to tell me “NO.” He explained that there was another young lady who had been trying to get on his team for quite some time and he had always turned her away, but this time he felt somewhat obligated to give the job to her, because of her diligence.

Now respectfully, I could totally understand where he was coming from, it was somewhat admirable of him to say that. However, I KNEW what God told me, so I wasn’t leaving that table (we met at Starbucks for the second meeting lol) without that job being mine.

Anyway, Mr. Johnson looked me straight in the eyes and said, “This is your moment to convince me of why I should choose you over her… so, Tell Me.”

This may have been the most intense conversation I may have ever had. I felt like this was my future on the line! **Cues Eminem, “You only got one shot, do not miss your chance or blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime!”

Sooo.. here we go… moment of truth, am I gonna drop the ball, or knock it out the park?!




Duh!! You know what God told Me! Of course I knocked it out the park!! I was prepared for this moment. I left Magic speechless. I knew WHO I was, and that God’s promises never return void. The photo above is the both of us in Miami earlier this month. My first trip with the Magic Johnson Ent. team!


I went from being confused, jobless, and stuck >>>>> To blessed beyond anything I could’ve fathomed for myself. Having this new relationship with Magic Johnson, or as I like to call him, Mr. J, is exactly what I prayed for. Divine Relationships. He is not only an amazing man to work with, but more importantly, a Great Mentor and Friend.

I would love to share with you all everything we’ve been working on together, but you’ll just have to wait and see… 🙂

I hope you all were blessed by this testimony! If you were, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and your own testimonies below. I read everything and I always appreciate the feedback.

Until Next Time…. XOXO 



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Your testimony is so awesome and amazing. I absolutely love the fact you gave God all the glory!!! For that my dear is going to Bless and prosper you beyond your omagination so get ready and get excited!! I am do very pround of you baby girl. Love mommy!!!

Your testimony is so awesome and amazing. I absolutely love the fact you gave God all the glory!!! For that my dear is going to Bless and prosper you beyond your omagination so get ready and get excited!! I am do very pround of you baby girl. Love mommy!!! Cant wait to see what God does next

Thank You Mom! And thank you for being a great example! Love you! <3

Jacqueline palacios Reply

Awww Brittney !!! So happy for you, I wish nothing but success pal! Xoxo Jacqueline

Jacqueline my love!! Thank you so much babe! I hope all is well your way… and I haven’t forgotten about your tickets either! 😉

Awesome testimony! Keep up the great work and inspiring those around you.

Thank you Keith! I appreciate that!

This is amazing! God said it best in Jeremiah 29:11. I’m so super proud of you, and I can’t wait to see what else God has planned! I’m just glad to know you!!!! Love love love!!!!!


Nica boo!! Thank you my love!! Means sooo much!! Xoxo

When your vessel is completely empty … And you can’t fill it no matter what … And you surrender to God’s mercy … God will fill your vessel to overflow beyond Amazing!!! Remember it’s not your path but God’s path to travel in your life … When your eyes can only see darkness, it’s your heart that must see the light within and that’s when God comes in … God takes the moments of uncertainty and speaks them into VICTORY … Keep asking, seeking & knocking … And God will give you the desires of your heart … God’s promises are unbreakable, sealed by his Words!!! You are still a diamond in the rough being polished by God In His Time!!!

Amen and Amen! Thank you for your words of wisdom!! Love you! <3

Wow Brittany…what a testimony! I read every word and could feel your fear of not having a job & your jubilation in landing the job of a lifetime. Congratulations? I love how you were prepared & convinced Mr. J to hire you. I believe preparedness can saves us and can propel us to great heights like your experience. Be blessed! Vr, EPIC Life Coach

Thank you so much for reading! I sincerely appreciate you and everyone taking the time to go on this “journey” with me. Thank you so much for such positive feedback!! God Bless You!

I am so proud of you girl! You have the rare combination of a beautiful spirit that matches your beautiful exterior. You deserve all of the blessings and amazing journeys that have come and will continue to come to you.

Hey sis! Thank u so much! And thank you for constantly supporting and encouraging me! Love you tons!

It’s amazing that I never knew your story and sat next to you feeling such a connection. God is good, and never leaves us out in the wilderness without a plan. The faith of a mustard seed can carry us so far, and when that faith grows from a mustard seed to the faith of a mountain, God can really get to work. You have officially inspired me; a rarity in humans these days. Thank you!

Hey Dawn!!

Thank you so much for those kind words! You are such a light and was a pleasure being able to judge the pageant with you! Please keep in touch, and I’m praying God continues to bless your endeavors!

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