Growing up I used to have this strange fear of clowns. Where most people found excitement in them, I cringed. When I was a little girl, about 4 years old, I had a frightening encounter with what resembled a clown to me. I remember like it was yesterday. I was in my bedroom sitting in a play chair I had, knocking the chair slightly up against my bedroom wall each time I rocked in it. Right above where I was sitting, was a porcelain mask which resembled the face of a clown. You guys know what I’m talking about because it seemed like every household in the 90’s had them as well. (See reference below.)
Not thinking I was doing anything to cause any harm, I rocked one last time, knocking the chair up against the wall yet again and….. BAM!!! That clown mask came crashing down on my head! Literally cutting the top of my head open. Now, initially I didn’t think anything of it other than “Oops I know I’m gonna be in trouble now.” That is… until my siblings ran to tell my parents, “Come quick Brittney’s hurt!
Now as a 4 year old, you pretty much only go by what you’re told. You see, I didn’t feel any pain, but once my mother came running in the room screaming, I knew it was worse than what it looked like. Soon enough, I remember blood falling down my face, into my eyes, blurring my vision. And to make matters worse, it was too much for my Mom to bare that she eventually passed out from all the blood. It wasn’t the injury itself that scared me, it was watching and listening to the reaction of those I love and trust, that scared me. And from that point on, I never liked clowns.
I’ve gone through my entire life having this “fear” of clowns from a minor accident that took place as a toddler. So as you can imagine, I couldn’t quite relate to the excitement of the 90’s remake of “IT” that just came out in theaters.
Every where I looked on social media, someone was raving about it. Now, I’ve always enjoyed a good scary movie with friends. I’m not so much into horror, but I do enjoy the moments of surprise and opportunities to laugh with friends at our silly moments of fright.
Well lo and behold, I talked myself into going to see “IT” with a couple friends. For one, I was feeling bold, and two, maybe a part of me wanted to confront my fear of clowns.
To my surprise, the movie wasn’t scary at all. I even found myself laughing at the fact that for so many years I was scared of such a thing. However I must say the movie was well worth watching solely because of the revelations that kept coming to me as I was watching.
When a group of friends in the movie, the main characters, decided to confront their fears of “IT,” one of the characters kept having to remind his friends,
It’s not real. Whatever you see, it’s not real!”
Instantly this scripture came to me, “For we walk by FAITH, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7
How many times have we, as believers, been in the same situation? Facing the lies and deceit of the enemy that we begin to believe THIS is our truth, this is my reality. Those lies that remind you of your past and threaten that you’ll never make something of yourself? Or how about those that drive us to believe we’re unloved and will never be good enough?
You see, that’s exactly how the enemy operates. He will whisper lies to you with so much precision, that you yourself, begin to believe what he’s saying is true. What you have to understand is that the enemy studies us like a book. He pays attention to our likes and dislikes, what makes us vulnerable, what our hopes and wishes are… and then he preys on those very things.
He hits you where it hurts.
But IT’S NOT REAL. Hello somebody! Everything the enemy says to you is a LIE! It’s NOT real! You can’t go by what you see or what you feel because even your feelings and senses will lie to you. You must go by what God has already spoken and declared over your life. The word of God is FACT! Not your feelings or your emotions.
Today I want to encourage you to boldly face every lie the enemy had TRIED to tell you. I dare you to declare over your life that none of those things he says are real! You ARE a daughter/son of the Most High! You ARE worthy of all the goodness of God. You ARE loved. Your past does NOT define your future. Your latter days WILL be greater!
And lastly, remember, YOU have the authority to render the enemy powerless! So today, take your power back, and tell that devil to SHUT UP! In Jesus name!
As always, I’m praying for you guys. So much love, From Me to YOU. ❤

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