It’s October! Which means we are entering into the 4th Quarter!
Many of you may or may not know that I’m a ball player. (Yes I’m serious lol) I’ve played basketball 🏀 for about 14 years!! I know I may not look like It now, but once upon a time, basketball was life!!
**See pics below #23**
LOL Don’t laugh! Basketball was my first love!
Anyway, One thing about God is that He always speaks to us in a way that WE can comprehend.
I was in the shower the other day, and I was just meditating on how quickly this year has gone by and how I felt like I was “short changed.” Coming into this year after having taken a HUGE leap of faith, I felt like the year started off with a bang, and then all of a sudden I started to feel like God had forgotten about me.  Like everything just fizzled out. Stay with me…
So as I was in the shower, after a long day of crying and just feeling a mess, God started to speak to me.
Here’s what He said, “A lot can happen in the 4th Quarter, get ready to play.”
As I said before, God speaks to each of us in a language in which we can comprehend. So immediately when He spoke those words to me, I knew exactly what He was saying. I know I’m not the only who has been feeling the pressure. How many of you have been feeling like nothing has been moving and shaking for you? Well I’m here to tell you, it’s all apart of the game, God’s plan.
Follow Me…
If you’re an avid basketball fan, then you’ll have no problem following what I’m about to say. But for those of you who don’t know much about basketball, let me break it down for you.
In a game of basketball, most would argue that the 4th Quarter of a game is the most important. It’s in the 4th Quarter where we start to see who’s the most hungry to take that “W.”
3 Things Take Place in the 4th Quarter:
  1. The defense intensifies from the opposing team. When the scoreboard is neck and neck, the opposing team will throw in the BEST defensive players to try their BEST to keep the opposite team from scoring. How many of you feel like you’ve been FIGHTING so hard these past few months or weeks? It’s as if you just can’t catch a break!! Like everything wants to just crash and burn all at once? You feel like the pressure has grown immensely and you feel like you’re about to break? That’s because when you’re the closest to your breakthrough, the enemy will assign his BEST assassins or defensive players to KEEP you from getting to your Promise! Stay with me….
  2. The second thing that takes place in the 4th Quarter, is that the coach of your team typically creates a new “play” to throw off the defense. The coach will usually call a quick 30 second “time out” and literally create a play that THEY feel will be the best way to throw off the defense, and will further place your team ahead! The coach will more than likely create a play you’re unfamiliar with, but they TRUST you to pull it off. Oftentimes, this is exactly what God does. When the enemy is pulling out all kinds of tricks and traps, doing the absolute MOST, God will say “Hold Up Playa” and will change up OUR plans to keep the enemy from progressing in his plans. Hello somebody!! How many of you have been praying fervently like me, but have been feeling like…. “God are you even listening to me? Do you see what’s happening around me? Where you at tho?! You know God, usually You would’ve come through and fixed my situation by now, but I don’t even know what Your doing??” It may SEEM like things are falling apart, but God has it all under control! He has a PLAN for you and Me. And He trusts that you won’t forfeit that plan. Because your trust should be in HIM, not your circumstances! Get back in the game and follow the “play” He calls.
  3. Lastly, the 3rd thing that usually happens in the 4th Quarter, after the 30 second time out and after the coach creates a new “play” he then chooses his BEST players that he can depend on to pull that play off. Whooooo!!! This is so good! I hope you’re as excited as I am about this! If you feel like you’ve been forgotten, feeling like everyone else is getting their breakthrough, and you feel like it’s never gonna happen for you…. God has been saving the best for last! SAVING YOU for the most important part of the game!!! God knew He was going to use YOU for the 4th Quarter!! He was giving you a chance to catch your breath and PREPARE for this breakthrough He’s about to give you!!! You are the chosen one! God knew He could trust you with this big assignment. He knew He could trust YOU to shoot the game winning shot! God knows how special you are, and how gifted and talented you are. He also knows how faithful and obedient you’ve been. God has not forgotten about you, He was just saving you for the 4th Quarter!!!
I feel this message is for anyone who has been feeling forgotten and wondering WHEN is MY breakthrough going to come?! Baby let me tell you, it’s here!! Praise your way to the finish line. It’s HERE!!! Don’t give up, you have to finish this game! Your enemy has already been defeated! All that resistance you’ve been experiencing and all the fighting you’ve been doing spiritually and naturally, serves a purpose!! The enemy knew what he was up against… and yet he STILL didn’t stand a chance.
If I were you, I’d be praising my way to that breakthrough right now! God has seen your diligence and faithfulness and He loves to reward his children. The Bible tells us in Galatians 6:9,
“Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in DUE season, we shall reap a harvest, if we faint not.”
I believe this is your due season. And if you believe it as well and receive this word, leave a comment with “Amen!” and let’s stand in agreement together.
As always, I’m praying for you!!! Thanks so much for reading, and until next time, be blessed! Happy 4th Quarter… you’ve already won! Love you!

4 thoughts on “4th Quarter!!!

  1. Margie Price says:

    Wow what an amazing and profound message!! Yes breakthroughs are in position to score and not in just this game, but the whole season !!! Let’s not let our season pass us by!! Hallelujah. Awesome word. Thank you for sharing!! Love it

  2. Daddy says:

    So powerful n So true … Great words of encouragement from one of God’s Warriors to deliver to the Soldiers of God’s Army … Old n Young lions we need this message as a reminder “Greater Is He That Is In Me Than In The World” I will never forsake thee … Amen!!!

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